Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Alexa Grace's Birth Story

As we drove up the Thompson canyon to the Estes Park marriage conference, Travis joked about how having a baby in the canyon would make a great story, and I just said how I didn’t want a good story; I just wanted to get to the hospital.  Neither of us knew these would be famous last words. 
We were planning on rooming with Mom and Dad Grove, but after hearing Mark Darling on Friday night, Travis and I found out we had our own hotel room in Best Western.  We headed over, had a snack, talked about what we learned, and went to sleep.  It was a fitful night’s sleep, with me reading my Bible at 3:00am in the bathroom about obedience being better than burnt offerings.  Around 4:45am I woke up again, and prayed in bed if I was in labor, God would make it clear.  I kept tossing and turning, so at 5am I whispered to Travis I was moving to the other bed so I wouldn’t keep him up.  As I walked to the other bed, I felt a trickle and, after checking in the bathroom, announced to Travis I was pretty sure my water just broke.  Unbeknownst to me, Travis was skeptical, but agreed we needed to head down the mountain.  After gathering up our things, picking up my mom and checking with Rachel if she did indeed want to come with us, all four of us were off. 
Travis drove quickly but carefully down the mountain and we did our homework of reading Psalm 119 together.  This helped me not just focus on my contractions which were 3-5 minutes apart, lasting for about 30 seconds.  As we approached Fort Collins, we swung quickly in our house and headed to PVH.  After checking in, and confirming my water did break, we geared up as labor quickly intensified.  Travis had many great verses to read to me; Hebrews 4:16 being a favorite.  Another of God’s answered prayers was the nurse He gave us I knew from teen conferences growing up.  She attends the Summitivew church in Loveland, and was an amazing help!  My mom was also amazing rubbing my head, getting anything that was necessary, or just giving Travis and I time together.  Rachel was also faithfully praying and helping during the final parts of labor.  As Travis continued to pray for me, hug me, help and encourage me, we got to transition and ready to push.  At 9:18 she literally came flying out.  She came out screaming and did not stop for completely for some time which helped us narrow down her name to Alexa which mean “Defender of Mankind.”  Her middle name Grace is in honor of our dear friend Grace Wieman as well as a good reminder to us both how we desperately needs God’s grace daily as we seek to live our lives for His glory. 
Now, a few weeks later, as I reflect on another amazing birth story, I am once again struck with God’s faithfulness to answer specific prayers.  First of all, Alexa Grace was born healthy.  She was also born in less time than Tessa (4 hours and 18 minutes from when my water broke,) but we got to the hospital with two hours to spare. J  By God’s grace, this labor also came without a C-section, episiotomy, or other drugs.  I was also able to start labor rested (kind of J) we had a great Doctor and nurses, I was full-term, Travis and I were united during labor and I’m pretty sure I was respectful (but you can ask Travis.)  Alexa has been a good latcher for eating and gained back her birth weight in less than a week.  Now, I can move on to prayers for transition and wisdom with each moment of each day, but I don’t want to forget how God moved on behalf of our prayers for Alexa Grace Neidert.  She is a precious gift and reward from the Lord!


  1. Congratulations Travis and Faith! We are so happy for you guys and thank God for this new little blessing in your life. We love you!

  2. How blessed we all are!

    With God's grace, all went so well!!!!!

    Love all of you!

    Mom Neidert

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